TANK MONITOR application.
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Latest Updates
4-Jan-2019 Creation of Web-Site
20-Feb-2019 Change cell background colors upon condition in PHP
4-Sep-2019 Add Editable table for the todo actions. Timestamps when the smartbox's have to be polled.
4-Oct-2019 First Customer is evaluationg Tank-Monitor
4-Jul-2020 Customer is very satisfied with tankmonitor system.
4-Jul-2020 Implementation of hourly updates, and on 5% level decrease in fueltanks. This gives a more real time monitoring system.

Tank-Monitor webapplication, is used to display Fueltank (or any tank) contents.
Fueltank content is measured via, in this case, a pressure sensor. The sensors are connected to a SMARTBOX device that communicates via SMS.
A Java application polls the smartboxes, via an Sms modem connected with Lan/RS232 converter to the PC.
The java program stores the Tankcontents into a Mysql database.
This web application displays the stored data.

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